“Why I Love What I Do”

Dallas Refugee Employment Staff on What Keeps Them Going

Happy Monday! At a recent Higher workshop in Dallas, TX (which we highlighted in last Monday’s post) we asked the participants to share one reason why they love working in refugee employment services.

Here are a few of our favorite answers:

  • Every day we make a difference in our client’s lives
  • Waking up every day and working with people from all over the world
  • Working with coworkers who are like family and are passionate about the work that we do
  • Getting to watch the process of refugees going from knowing nothing [about life in the US], to getting jobs, paying taxes, starting businesses, and becoming citizens
  • As a former refugee, I do this work to give back
  • Seeing clients come back after a couple years and seeing how they are succeeding
  • Making great connections between clients and employers
  • Through empowering our clients it empowers me
  • Everything I do for my clients contributes to this great nation

We hope these reflections from your colleagues in Dallas will be a positive way to start your week!

What inspires you to do work with refugees? Let us know in the comments section!

Job Readiness Instructors from several Dallas and Fort Worth agencies participate in an activity during Higher’s workshop on April 6, 2017.

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  1. Thank you you very much for always thinking about us and caring about our refugees/immigrant.
    For sure these are the most important reasons why we all wake up every morning and we go to work with our clients who either are new arrivals or have been here for a while.

    It is an honor to have you Hight Advantage working with us in supporting our different programs and thank you for all of those seminars which they refresh our brains, we learn different ways other organisations or/and other case manager from different departments of several organizations; and this helps us to get to know each other; all of these make us better case manager in serving our clients. Helping refugees to become self-sufficient, then they become better citizens, there is no price or salary anyone can measure for those services and challenges the Resettlement Organization go through but the out always is fruitful and wonderful. YES WE WILL HAVE A GREAT WEEK HERE AT REFUGEE SERVICES OF TEXAS IN DALLAS

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