White House House Task Force on New Americans: Call for Letters of Interest for the National Skills and Credential Institute

whtfAs you all know, in November 2014, the President created a White House Task Force on New Americans.  The goal of the Task Force is to develop a federal immigrant and refugee integration strategy that allows new Americans to contribute to society to their fullest potential.

One item that the White House Task Force on New Americans One-Year Progress Report noted is that communities are developing programs to help skilled immigrants return to their careers in their new home. The Task Force is seeking to support these communities focused on finding solutions to this challenge through its National Skills and Credential Institute. Last week, the White House issued a Blog post  highlighting the creation of the Institute and how you can participate.

This peer-learning forum aims to connect a consortium of leaders from state and local workforce areas; adult and post-secondary education systems and institutions; representatives from departments of labor, licensing, and regulatory affairs; immigrant serving organizations; and external technical assistance providers. The goal of this institute is to help communities understand how policies and practices help or hinder credential attainment and recognition, and to assist in developing strategies for how the public, private and nonprofit sectors can strengthen career pathways for skilled immigrants.

Read all about this opportunity and consider sharing it with your community partners so the voice of your community can be heard loud and clear. Click here.

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