What’s it like in a Refugee Camp?

jim stokes

Jim is Senior Manager, Economic Empowerment Programs with IRC Dallas and a founding member of Higher’s Peer Advisory Network.

And How Will That Experience Affect Our Employment Work with Syrians?

Jim Stokes spent the past 3+ months working with Syrian refugees living in a refugee camp in Eastern Turkey.

He will answer our questions as a guest blogger.  What do we want to ask him?

Send Higher your questions and watch the blog to get answers from someone who does what we do and can help us begin to adjust how we provide employment services for a new population.

Jim’s specific focus in the camp was livelihoods programming, which encompasses people’s capabilities, assets, income and activities required to secure the necessities of life.  This sounds very similar to employment and everything we do to help our clients find it. 

I can’t wait to learn more about Syrian workforce expectations, their experiences in camps and how Jim’s unique insight can help us. 

Meanwhile, you can click here to learn more about life in a South Sudan Refugee Camp.


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