What’s Going to Happen with Cubans?


All of this will make it more possible to visit Cuba. Get your passports ready! Photo credit: Anonymous traveler

Suddenly in December, after more than 50 years, relations were normalized between the U.S. and Cuba.  Hopefully, that will bring positive changes to life in Cuba.

What could it eventually mean for Cuban border crosser (payrolee) status and the Cuban Haitian Program that funds much of our support services for this population?.

Click here to read an excellent article from the Migration Policy Institute that outlines what these policy changes mean now, what they might mean later and what a change in immigration policy for Cuban border crossers would require from the U.S. Congress.

Last fall saw increased numbers of Cuban border crossers attempting a dangerous sea crossing and the highest numbers of arrivals in more than five years.   Click here to read more from the New York Times.





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