What We Learned at the Congolese Resettlement Working Group

Democratic Republic of the Congo flagWe all know that Congolese arrivals will continue to increase.  Higher sits in on this on-going inter-agency effort to coordinate, plan and develop resources to help us all respond with stronger customized approaches.  Higher will continue to keep you informed as we learn of resources and success stories that can help you improve Congolese self-sufficiency and employment outcomes.

Here are a few processing and arrival statistics and trends learned from the most recent working group meeting.

  • To date, most Congolese arrivals are coming from Uganda and Rwanda.  It is anticipated that high numbers will also come from Tanzania and Burundi.  Many are also going to come out of Southern African countries, including South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia and Namibia.
  • The average processing time for Congolese is 615 days from referral to departure, which is considered fast.  This processing time indicates a two year lag time from when refugees enter the pipeline and when we begin to resettle them in the US.
  • We can anticipate a significant uptick in FY15 arrivals.  Numbers have been increasing steadily and will continue to do so.
  • The US has received 76% of the Congolese population in the resettlement pipeline to date.  That is likely to continue or rise slightly.  The next highest percentage is 7% in Australia, followed by 6% in Canada and 11% in all of Europe combined.

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