What is Your Dream Job? Clients Need to Know the Answer to Succeed and Thrive.

Clouds stock imageAt first, it surprised me when clients couldn’t answer this question.  Unfortunately, the reason why makes sense for far too many refugees and migrants.

Many have never had the opportunity to dream.  They’ve likely never been asked the question.  Perhaps they have been led to believe that “their limitations” prevent them from doing anything more.

Knowing the answer to the dream job question is important for developing an appropriate Employment Plan (and for long term client success and fulfillment).  You could adjust this list of 9 questions to help clients begin to discover the answer for themselves.  Here are a couple of examples from the article:

  • If I could choose one friend to trade jobs with, I’d choose ____________, because ____________.
  • The thing I love most about my current job is ____________, because ____________.

Some dream jobs may focus more on lifestyle and family than on US-style career advancement.  Clients who have a specific goal in mind may not be aware of alternative career paths or how to achieve their dream.

No matter their background and level of education, the US job market offers an unmatched variety of job options and paths to career advancement.   All clients need help to expand their knowledge of the available options – and the time, money and prerequisites necessary to achieve them.

With knowledge of their long term career goal and an Employment Plan to map their path to achieving it, you can help clients develop more realistic expectations, find the best entry level job now and make referrals to ESL or other skill development classes.


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