Welcome to Higher’s New Website

Hello Network,

We are very pleased to announce the launch of Higher’s new website. The new website quickly connects you with materials, best practices, and resources to enhance your work and save you time.

The new site includes three main menus:

  1. Resources: Quickly link to tools for career counselors, job developers, job readiness trainers, and employers. This section features our Online Learning Institute, expert-led webinars, guides, toolkits, and training courses.
  2. About Us: Learn more about us and how you can get involved.
  • Blog Library: Search our collection of blog postings for best practices and ideas on other topics relevant to your work. Search categories include job development, Job Readiness, Career Advancement, new resources, and more

Please make sure all of your refugee employment colleagues and employer partners are following us — share the Higher Blog with other refugee employment providers and employer partners.

Email information@higheradvantege.org to give us feedback on the new site.

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  1. Chris Hogg says:

    When I select BLOG LIBRARY and then a tab, I have to scroll through all the offerings to see what’s there. Very time-consuming / annoying. It would be better to put up an index of blog post titles so one can see everything at a glance and pick a specific title to read. Of course, also leave the option to scroll through posts as exists now.

    • Katie Jipson says:

      Hi Chris,
      Thank you for your feedback. There is a search box function on the site. If you were to search for anything, such as looking for information on volunteers, when using the search box, you will find all blog posts and resources with the term used.
      Take care,

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