Useful Video Advice by and for Bhutanese Refugees

This 10 minute video, available on YouTube from Flagler College, provides peer advice in Nepali with English subtitles.

The simple, practical and gently humorous advice includes 5 Chapters:

  • Learning English
  • Safety
  • Marketplace (Grocery Store)
  • Food Stamps, and
  • Bank.

It includes a clear explanation of how and when to use 911, generic vs brand pricing and a video of a man opening a bank account that would help others feel more comfortable trying it for themselves.

How You Can Use It
  • Consider showing parts of it in job readiness classes or even cultural orientation.
  • Suggest that volunteers watch it with clients as preparation for a trip to the store, bank or food stamp office.
  • Incorporate it into volunteer training to help them understand typical barriers facing new arrivals to the US.

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