Top Five States for Secondary Migration

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Data from a June 2014 Webinar (Supporting Workplace Success for Refugees: How Workforce Agencies Can Collaborate with Refugee Programs) from ORR Technical Assistance Provider IFCI

Whether you work in a State that is a net contributor or beneficiary of secondary migration trends, serving secondary migrant clients is a challenge for our network.

Here are the top five beneficiary States in FY2013 and one significant reason for each, according to a recent webinar by ORR Technical Assistance provider IFCI.  Download a transcript here.

  • Ohio (OH) – A large, successful refugee community attracts friends and family members who were resettled elsewhere.
  • Minnesota (MN) – A vibrant Somali community is one example of the success factors that attract secondary migrants.
  • Oklahoma (OK) and Iowa (IA) – Word of mouth attracts refugees to a lower cost of living and many jobs in the meat packing industry.
  • Florida (FL) – A vibrant Cuban community is a major attractor for additional Cuban secondary migration.



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