5 Reasons the Holidays are the BEST Time to Look for Work

Holiday HiringiStock_000022328217XSmallThe holidays present unique job development opportunities.  Read the entire article or just read the 5 reasons summarized here.

A more recent article from a major recruiting and consulting firm provides much of the same advice through the lens of recent strong job growth numbers reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Enjoy the season, have fun AND do a little passive preparation to hit the ground running in January.

  1. Competition levels plummet.  Most job seekers aren’t looking over the holidays.
  2. January and February are the strongest hiring period of the year.  Laying the groundwork now can help you make up placement numbers in the slower holiday months.
  3. There’s no better time of year to schmooze.  A hard sell won’t work, but our work always makes interesting cocktail conversation with new contacts.
  4. Now is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with old contacts Click here to get more info and download a free eCard graphic to send a holiday thank you to employers.
  5. The holidays are a great time to enlarge your circle.  There are all kinds of unique venues to meet more people.  You never know who might be a future refugee employer.

(The holidays always bring different work flows for us, changing circumstances for employers and special challenges for clients. Throughout the holiday season, watch Higher’s blog for ideas and analysis you can use now to navigate the holiday season and get a jump on the new year. )

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