Time to Gear Up for Holiday Hiring

buddytheelfIt’s not too early to start preparing clients and employer partners for the busy holiday hiring season.

Amazon and Nordstrom have already announced plans to hire more than 20,000 people to keep pace with seasonal business.  Other employers are already making plans and, in many cases, already reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews.

Many of the opportunities are seasonal or part time, but they present opportunities to earn extra income, gain valuable customer service experience and gain local references and job history.






  1. We love the holiday season! Our big seasonal employer, Macy’s Logistics in Portland, TN connects with me each year and we host an on site job fair. The employer does everything in one stop: Application, interview, drug screen and orientation in ONE DAY! Saves us trips back and forth the the job site and we usally get between 30-35 people jobs that day. It’s great for families to have a 2nd income, some of the young adults will go and have a job for a few months. Plus, gain work experience!

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