Three Ways to Use One Article in Your Work with Highly Skilled Clients

Pro JobThe CEO of JetBlue outlines 10 strategies to make the most out of a first job.  Here are three ways you could use it as a handout in your work with highly-skilled clients around

– Adjusting Expectations

– Job Retention, and

-Interview Skills.

Adjust Expectations:  Any employer with a professional job opening will expect candidates to have the skills and strategies outlined in the article.  In addition, they would need strong enough English comprehension to read and thoroughly understand the article without assistance.

Use this article as a skill test or basis for a homework assignment you can follow-up in your next client appointment.  Experiencing difficulty for themselves will be more effective than hearing you tell a client that their skills aren’t strong enough, yet.

Job Retention:  Help a client see beyond dissatisfaction with their survival or starter job.  Refocus them on advancement strategies or stronger US-style workplace behaviors as outlined in the article.  Those strategies point to yet another good reason why they should keep their first job for at least six months.

Interview Skills:    After clients understand basic interview skills through your existing job readiness classes and one-on-one meetings, provide this article as they continue to prepare on their own time.

Based on the article, you could assign them the task of preparing an answer to an interview question or preparing two good questions they could ask in an inteview.  How well a client is able to do this will be a reality check for them and will help you document their ownership and activity level in their own job search.



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