Three Resume Building Ideas for YOU

DST signs

Here’s a past example of an Armenian version of a Daylight Savings Time sign from Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego, CA. Easy, right?

Looking for something different to do this summer?  Have we got opportunities for you!

With refugee arrivals still slowish, you might have time to build your resume portfolio, learn something new or help refugees in a different way.

Check out three easy, fun and useful ideas from Higher.  Get in touch at and we’ll fill you in on all the details.

1. Share your experience providing employment services for victims of trafficking. What’s different? What’s working for you that others could learn from? We’re working on a special post for World Day Against Trafficking in Persons (July 30).

2. Submit a success story about a part of your work that makes you feel proud.  Help your peers learn from one of your innovative programs, strong employer partnerships or client achievements.  (And get national visibility, too.) Read our new guest blog post guidelines for instructions and examples.

3. Translate Daylight Savings Time signs in client languages.  We provide the sign in English.  You provide the written translation in the client languages spoken in your team.  Send them back to us and we’ll make all of the languages available to everyone a few weeks before November 1.  Let us know which languages you can contribute.

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