Tax Season is Here!

tax timeTax preparation can be stressful and confusing for many people and we have all heard stories of refugees not getting their full tax benefits.  Some may not know the system very well yet and others may rely on a local tax preparer who may take advantage of their situation.  We want to help employed refugees get the most

For Matching Grant clients, the guidelines include specific language about an important tax benefit – the Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC).  The EIC can be a really important tool in helping clients understand the advantages to early employment.  There are some great outreach tools available to  help you in these efforts on the Earned Income Credit website.

Outreach flyers are available in 21 languages.  There’s also an EIC Estimator to more quickly calculate the potential value of the Earned Income Credit for an individual or family.  Plus fact sheets, FAQs, printable materials and videos.  Everything you need to get the word out to your clients.  Use these tools to get the word out quickly!

Also, the Internal Revenue Service supports free tax preparation sites around the country through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.  Some local resettlement offices have become VITA sites themselves.  If you would like more information on how to do this, you can look here on the IRS website or contact us to get connected with a local resettlement office with VITA designation.

You can also check out this google map to find sites in your area.

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