Tax Fraud Scam Targeting Refugee Families

tax timeMany of our clients can get significant sums of money back by taking advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit and other programs for large families.  Read more in a previous Higher post.

Recently, we have heard of a scam you should try to help your clients avoid becoming caught up in.

Some families have been convinced to  “sell” the use of their children to list on other people’s taxes so that those scammers can claim tax credits for themselves.  It is far better financially for the families to claim their own children on their own tax returns.

More importantly, if this tax fraud is discovered, the refugee family will be barred for life from ever benefitting from child-related tax credits again.  Depending on the details, a criminal conviction could have serious, permanent consequences for their paths to citizenship, as well.

Please spread the word and add this to the information you provide to clients related to understanding and complying with laws related to taxation.


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