Arabic Language Job Readiness Resources

Here is a list of helpful Job Readiness Resources in Arabic that we have collected from our network:

Many thanks to Ali Abid and Brittani Mcleod at Catholic Community Services of Utah and Carol Tucker at Lutheran Family Services, Nebraska. If you have other Arabic language resources that you would like to share please email us at

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Walmart to Offer Full Time Employment with Benefits

SACRAMENTO, USA - SEPTEMBER 13: Walmart shopping cart on SeptembAccording to an article in Forbes magazine, Walmart, the nation’s largest employer, recently announced that 35,000 part-time employees will soon be moved to full-time status, entitling them to full healthcare benefits.

This is great news, but it might mean that some part-time employees – including many of our clients – face reduced hours or lay-offs.  How will you help clients employed at Walmart make a successful transition?

Please let us know about your experiences – successful and otherwise – with Walmart as a refugee employer, provider of work shoes and uniforms or agency partner. 

Higher has a strategy for deepening the partnership between Walmart and refugee employment on a national level – starting with learning more about how this new staffing structure will be implemented.  We need your help to do that.

We’ll start by making sure corporate leadership is aware of the success stories that already exist across the country.  Then, we’ll have a platform to engage in dialogue about how and where to expand that win-win relationship.

Despite a great deal of negative publicity and a rigorous application and interview process, Walmart offers a great entry level job opportunity for many clients who want entry level experience in retail customer service.  Here’s one positive example from the field:

One Texas Walmart went far beyond typical employer efforts to help a refugee employee with complex mental and physical health barriers resulting from the torture and violence he experienced on his journey to the US.  They kept in close touch with his Employment Specialist, who was careful not to compromise client confidentiality while advocating for special consideration.  The Walmart HR and department hiring managers shifted his schedule and responsibilities several times to find a good fit.  They also made some accommodations to call-in, time keeping and break scheduling procedures so he could keep the job.  In the end, it didn’t work, but Walmart actually continued to hire other refugees after that unsuccessful experience.  Many employers have one bad experience and are unwilling to try again.  The same Walmart management also allowed employment staff to sit in on a few interviews to learn how to customize interview preparation for future applicants.  Now, several refugees have been hired at the same store and the Employment Team has stronger information to use when helping other clients try for Walmart jobs.

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