New Funding Opportunity from ORR

Looking for an opportunity to fund a career advancement program that will assist refugees on a path to long term economic integration?

ORR has recently published a funding opportunity announcement for the Refugee Career Pathways program. This is a new program that will fund efforts to assist refugees in obtaining professional or skilled employment using the career pathways approach. The full application can be found by clicking here.

Application Due Date: 08/29/2017

Please note that a previous forecast on that indicated this program would be funded in fiscal year 2017 has been removed. ORR anticipates awarding grants under this program in November 2017 (fiscal year 2018).

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Coming Soon: ORR’s Refugee Career Pathways Program

carreerWant to know what funding opportunities are planned at ORR and HHS?  Check out forecast and RFP announcements.

Of particular interest to employment is an upcoming new competitive grant application process for The Refugee Career Pathways (RCP) Program.

Here’s how the official forecast announcement describes the new opportunity in HHS-2017-ACF-ORR-RC-1224.

“Through the RCP Program ORR will provide funding to implement projects assisting refugees to qualify for licenses and certifications necessary to attain employment and improve self-sufficiency. Allowable activities will include case management, training and technical assistance, specialized English language training, and mentoring. Grantees may also provide refugee participants with financial assistance for costs related to the establishment or re-establishment of credentials, such as obtaining educational credits or enrollment in required certification programs. Grantees are encouraged to collaborate with professional associations, universities, and others with expertise in this area to facilitate career opportunities in ways that supplement, rather than supplant, existing services.”

You can read more about the projected timing, eligibility and funding available via this summary from grantstation, too.  Start building partnerships with American Job Centers and other mainstream workforce stakeholders now to be ready to submit a competitive proposal next year.


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