Vocabulary Picture Guides

Caritas of Austin, TX produced these great picture vocabulary guides for hotel housekeeping and entry level food services. They have been used with customized short term vocational training programs and target vocational ESL, employer relations and improved workplace communication. The files are large and may be difficult to reformat and print, so have been made available as separate downloads. They are laid out for a half-page format that can be printed on thick paper stock and laminated or bound into a simple double-sided booklet. There are many other language versions that we hope to make available soon. Thanks to Caritas of Austin for sharing this valuable resource.

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Vladimir Bessonov’s Vocabulary List

Vladimir Bessonov’s vocabulary list of PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS EMPLOYERS LOOK FOR to enhance your work with clients. You can see the original Higher blog post that explains how to use this tool HERE.

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Cool Games in Higher’s U.S. Job Cycle eLearning Course

U.S. Job Cycle Card Sort Snip

Screen shot of the Card Sort game in the eLearning course. We give you everything you need to download to use it later, too!

Our new U.S. Job Cycle  eLearning course demonstrates how to conduct a field-tested job readiness session.  It includes two flexible, interactive games – a card sort game and word search puzzle.

Check ’em out online in the eLearning course and download printable versions with instructions and everything you need to use them.

What?  Don’t have your free username and password for Higher’s Online Learning Institute, yet?  Click here to learn more and sign up.

Insider tip:  Sign up before December 17 and you could be eligible to enter a drawing to win a prize you’ll really want.

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Surprising Restaurant Industry Stats [Infographic]

Restaurant Snip TwoDid you know that 52% of dishwashers surveyed would like to work additional hours?  Given the frequently parttime nature of this common starter job for our clients, this statistic isn’t surprising.

A useful infographic from the National Restaurant Association offers several facts that are surprising about upward mobility, employee longevity and a strong pathway to small business ownership.  Click here for a PDF version.

The visual presentation and strong factual evidence could help resistant clients better appreciate where entry level restaurant jobs can lead.

Thanks to HR Bartender, where I found the resource.  You can read much of the source research for the infographic here.



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When Refugees Can Work: The Case of Uganda

Uganda Refugee Work

Ali Daud Omar will repair your cell phone for $6. He’s one of the refugees benefiting from the Ugandan government’s right-to-work policy. (Photo Credit: Gregory Warner/NPR)

Are refugees who are able to work in their host countries or elsewhere along their journey able to transition more successfully to job readiness when they arrive in the US?

My theory, based largely on experience, is yes.  What experiences can you share that speak to the impact of the right to work in host countries on refugee resettlement success here in the US?

How it Looks in Uganda

Refugees and asylees have had the right to “practice a profession and have access to employment opportunities” in Uganda for 15 years.

Two recent articles and a 7 minute segment on NPR’s Planet Money podcast focus on their diverse contributions to the Ugandan economy as a result.  (Click HERE and HERE for the relevant links.)

According to a UNHCR country profile, the three largest populations of “concern planned for under the Uganda operation in 2014 are: asylum-seekers and refugees originating from the DRC, Somalia and South Sudan, the vast majority of whom have arrived over the past five years.”





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