An eLearning Resource: Interview Behavior Videos

Ever wanted to be able to show clients what a bad interview looks like? Well you are in luck, check out Higher’s Online Learning Institute. You can access the complete module right now with your username and password.  If you aren’t already taking advantage of our 13 eLearning courses, sign up here for instant access to these videos and the other eLearning courses.

Here are 4 things to know about this exciting new resource:

  1. There are two short videos with examples of good and bad interview behaviors.
  2. You can also get transcripts and suggestions for using the module with clients in the companion resource section.
  3. More than 20 resettlement programs across the country are using our eLearning courses in their job readiness activities.
  4.  The job seekers in the videos are refugees. Thanks to them and to African Community Center (ACC), Denver, CO for helping out.

Here’s a sneak peek at Interview Behavior Videos. 

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3 New Ways to Improve Non-Verbal Interview Skills

No matter how well you prepare clients for a job interview, the wrong body language can cost them the job. Non-verbal interview behavior is even more important for our clients who are improving their English language skills while succeeding in their first jobs in the U.S.

This video from Business Insider could be helpful in a job readiness class or job club for higher skilled clients.  The accompanying article includes do’s and don’ts like showing the palm of your hands (do) and tapping your fingers (don’t).

Learning to interpret U.S. non-verbal signals can improve refugee comprehension and ability to communicate to employers.  Did you know that everyone displays seven micro-expressions that reveal true feelings?  Before you can adjust your facial expressions to match what you say, micro-expressions reveal what you really think. Learn more from an article in

And, don’t forget about Higher’s latest eLearning course:  Interview Behavior Videos.  For a limited time, click here to watch good and bad interviews that include several examples of micro-expressions.

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