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Holiday eCard graphic you can use in your own branded thank you message to employment partners.

Happy Holidays!

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Help Clients Prepare for the Holidays

overwhelmed christmas bearThe holidays can  be especially disorienting for new arrivals who are separated from friends and family at a time when “ideal” images of families spending time (and money) together are unavoidable.

The time is fast approaching when job openings dry up and attention shifts to year end tasks and personal celebrations.  ESL classes, school and other activities will go on hiatus.

Clients may have more time on their hands and feel even more fear and frustration while they wait for things to “get back to normal” in January.

Here are a few things you can do to help clients prepare before leaving for the holiday:

  • Inform your clients about your holiday schedule and any office closures so they aren’t caught by surprise.
  • Provide information about a few free community events that clients might enjoy (tree lighting, Santa visits, carolling).
  • Help clients identify job search activities they can do independently over the holidays.
  • Schedule an appointment in January so clients know exactly when they will be meeting with you again.

The holidays always bring different work flows for us, changing circumstances for employers and special challenges for clients. Throughout the holiday season, watch Higher’s blog for ideas and analysis you can use now to navigate the holiday season and get a jump on the new year.

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