Need Professional Development? Job Readiness Training Courses? Check out Higher’s Online Learning Institute!

Higher’s Online Learning Institute is a free online system with courses designed for refugee employment staff and job readiness instructors. Once you register, you will find yourself on the welcome page. Click on My Courses to take a tour of the course system. Then click on courses to access sessions such as:  Adult Learning Principles, 6 W’s of Good Case Notes, Communicating with Employers: Initial Contact, and Employability Assessment, just to name a few! There are also courses to share with your clients and enhance your Job Readiness Training, such as Introduction to Computer Technology, How to Complete a Job Application, Understanding your Paycheck, and Interview Behavior.

All of Higher’s past webinars are also available in the Learning Institute. To access, click on Webinars from the My Courses page.

Higher’s Online Learning Institute can be used for professional development or, if used in job readiness classes, training for your client.

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Reminder: Register for Tomorrow’s Webinar – Financial Literacy: How to Teach the Basics

money backgroundFinancial Literacy: How to Teach the Basics

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2:00 – 3:15pm EST

This webinar will explore basic financial literacy topics to cover with clients to build a strong foundation for economic self-sufficiency. Presenters will highlight a variety of free financial literacy resources and will provide examples of community partnerships that can be replicated. Financial literacy curricula, job readiness activities and training tips will be shared throughout the training. 

Register here

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Job Readiness Activities for Adult Learners

Last week in Denver, attendees in the job readiness session participated in an activity to list the tools, resources and activities they currently use with clients.  Here’s the combined list.  If possible, a link to a version of the activity is included.  If you have a different version of any activity, or you have any resources to add, please contact us so we can update the list!

Interview Practice

Mock Interviews

Record Clients & Play Back for Client

Practice Interview Questions

Interactive Activities

Job Readiness Bingo

Body Language Activities

Flash Card Bowling

Welcome Circle: Begin Class by Asking Everyone Name, Origin, Languages and their First Job

First Day: Classroom Expectations – Importance of Classroom Success

Incorporating Certificates after Job Day Trainings

Resume Jeopardy


Identifying Skills that Refugees Have – Physical vs. Personal Skills

Explain How to Transfer Skills

Look at Job Listing Examples and ask, “Do you have the skills?”


Picture Heavy PowerPoint

Visual Resources


Describe Career Dreams Using Pictures


Videos to show the Work Done at Different Jobs

Quality Control Video – Quality, Quantity


Realia – Safety Gear

Higher Resources

Higher Advantage Modules

U.S. Job Cycle Visual (page 2)

Guided Practice

Mock Hotel Environment – Practice

Dishwasher Training at Location

Time Clock Practice

Time Clock for Attendance

Production Line Simulation

6-Day Training Spurts (short-term)

Applications & Resumes

Resume Preparation

Filling out Applications

Applications Planted at Businesses

In Class Resume Building (Skeleton Version)

Practice Application

Job Search

How to Find Jobs

Digital Literacy

Computer Lab

Mobile Computer Labs

Group Discussions

Small Group Discussion about Hygiene & Dress

Small Groups – Have clients create their own business & say what skills are needed for job

Specific Training Topics

Safety Classes: Use signs with Pictures, explain what signs mean. Explain the importance of reporting issues

Lessons on Trauma and the Impact of Trauma

Workplace Culture (i.e. handshakes & other non-verbal communication)

Job Security/Responsibility to Communicate with Supervisors (2 weeks notice)

Coworker relationships, manners, mannerisms

Hygiene, Grooming

Transportation – Teaching bus lines

English Instruction

Translated Materials

Mandatory ESL

Teach Job-Appropriate Vocabulary

Community Partnerships

Clothing Donations as Incentives

Local Library Partnerships

Adding Social Enterprises into your Curriculum

Financial Literacy

I-9 & W-2 (Tax & Pay)

Explain Payroll, Direct Deposit and Tax Forms

Assist with Opening Bank Account


Record Videos of Interpreters


Go Over Pre-Employment Assessment (Reading Comprehension)

Mock Interview/Application Process as Assessment



Tour at Companies


Childcare (Paid Employees)

One-on-One Pre-Employment Counseling

Wish List

More Tactile Activities

Child Care Resources – Toys for Kids


Factoring in Trauma when making Job Placements

Meat Packing isn’t good for People with Trauma

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How to Gain the Attention of Learners – Video & Infographic

One of today’s sessions in Denver is titled “Job Readiness Activities for Adult Learners“. The session is designed around the LIRS eLearning module, Adult Learning Principles, and focuses on seven steps to ensure learning, beginning with gaining the attention of learners. 

The session will begin with “The Balloon Game”, a fun activity that is easy to connect to the competitive nature of the U.S. job market. The short video below (an excerpt from Adult Learning Principles) explains how to conduct the activity.


Next week, we’ll share a list of tools, activities and resources that are effective in job readiness classrooms across the country. In the meantime, the below infographic has tips for gaining the attention of your audience so they are motivated and ready to learn, whatever comes next.

Please contact us for access to Adult Learning Principles in Higher’s Online Learning Institute


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5 Reasons Taxes are Awesome

income-taxes-101Ok, that was a stretch – taxes are pretty far from awesome.  That’s why we’re excited to announce that our newest module, Income Taxes 101, is available to support you and your clients this tax season.

Here are five reasons to check out the Income Taxes 101 Module in Higher’s Online Learning Institute:

  1. Clients ask about Taxes.

    During our employment orientation clients are always asking about tax deductions and refund amount details. I like the visual part of it, clients can understand better when photos or clip arts are shown.  -Kawa Hawari, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota 

    Income Taxes 101 covers tax deductions, refunds, and so much more.

  2. It’s a Visual Resource.

    It makes sense, it will be so helpful as a job readiness workshop. It’s really great to show, I believe that clients will have more understanding about income tax and how to file it. – Dajana Doutlik, World Relief Tri-Cities

    Income Taxes 101 was designed as a visual resource to make taxes a little less boring.  The module explains what income tax is, why we pay income taxes, how to file income taxes, and where to get help.

  3. It’s Official.

    I like this new taxes module. It’s clear and understandable, even using the official tax language in easy-to-understand ways. Nice. -Daniel Broucek, Transition Job Coach – Richland County

    Tax terminology is complex, so it was a challenge to simplify the language for this module. Glad we spent a lot of time on this, because the result is an effective job readiness resource that can benefit clients for years to come. 

  4. Client-Friendly and Service Provider-Approved.

    I just completed the Income Taxes 101 module. I thought it had a lot of helpful content in it and I can definitely see it being useful when working with clients. -Kiera McCarthy, Employment Specialist, IRC Baltimore

    Be sure to check out the companion resources for blank tax forms as well as suggestions for using this module with clients.

  5. It’s versatile.

    I just watched the Income Taxes 101 course – it is awesome! I can’t wait to share it with clients. I think it could also be useful for young adults who were born in America but just starting to work. I am pretty sure that I will use it in my ESL class before tax season. I know it will be helpful. Thank you so much for including those websites at the end.  It is really great! –Jessica Ploen, Employment Training Specialist at Lutheran Family Services Nebraska

    Feel free to use this resource with any clients you serve!

    Do you have any resources that you find helpful during tax season?  Please contact us to share what works for you and your clients.  We’ll compile a list of tax resources and share with the network before tax season.

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Reminder: Register Now to Join our Webinar on Wednesday, March 30th

webinar2Please join us Wednesday, March 30th at 2pm EST for our webinar, The Interactive Job Readiness Classroom: Activities that Motivate Clients.

Learn how to incorporate interactive activities into the job readiness classroom. Hear how your peers incorporate games, videos, and Higher eLearning resources to keep job readiness classes fun, client-centered and results-oriented.

Register for the webinar here.

Panelists will discuss resources that require varying levels of technology in the classroom. Whether you have zero connectivity or a whole computer lab at your disposal, you’ll want to try something you hear during this webinar.

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Free Higher Webinar: The Interactive job Readiness Classroom

webinar2Please join us Wednesday, March 30th at 2pm EST for a free webinar, The Interactive Job Readiness Classroom: Activities that Motivate Clients.

Learn how to incorporate interactive activities into the job readiness classroom. Hear how your peers use games, videos, and Higher eLearning resources to keep job readiness classes fun, client-centered and results-oriented.

Peer panelists will discuss resources that require varying levels of technology in the classroom. Whether you have zero connectivity or a whole computer lab at your disposal, you’ll want to try something you hear during this webinar.

Please join us Wednesday, March 30th at 2pm EST. Register for the webinar here.



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Behavioral Interview Questions: Examples from Target Interviews

targetTarget jobs are hard to get.  Their rigorous interview process is one reason.  Click here for 12 actual behavioral interview questions asked in Target job interviews.

Higher’s free eLearning course How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions has proven effective in helping clients understand these common questions and learn how to craft their own answers.

Want to help your clients ace behavioral interview questions and be better prepared to interview successfully?  Here are three ways:

Our flyer will look great in your lobby!

Our flyer will look great in your lobby!

1.  Offer flyers in your office with easy, free client access to all of Higher elearning courses for refugees.  We’ll send you the flyers with an easy 3 step process clients can navigate on their own.  Email and we’ll do the rest!

2.  Assign the training to clients as part of group job interview preparation.  This is especially helpful when you know the employer will ask a behavioral interview question.  You can ask volunteers to help or make course completion a prerequisite for preparation sessions.

3.  Check out our Intro to eLearning course to see how others are using our courses in their workClick here to go right to that course.  It’ll only take you 10 minutes.

You can still get your own free username and password for Higher’s Online Learning Institute that houses 9 eLearning courses and companion resources.  Click here to sign up.

What?  Limited internet access?  Addresssing barriers is our expertise, right?  Higher can send you a thumb drive or CD-Rom with all of the courses available off-line.  Ask us how.


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Haiskel Won an Ipad

HaiskelCongratulations to Haiskel Lozada-Gonzalez, Employment Specialist with Lutheran Services Florida.  She won an iPad air in Higher’s eLearning spring contest.  She’s already used her cool new toy to take an eLearning course at home.

Here’s Haiskel’s advice for making the best use of Higher’s eLearning courses:

I improved my case notes with 6 W’s of Good Case Notes. 

It’s helpful to have different ways to teach my clients how to achieve self-sufficiency and encourage them to continue improving their English.

I always tell my clients that you have to make extra effort to do everything possible in this free country.

Thanks to all of you who are using Higher’s eLearning trainings in your work.  Stay tuned for one more contest later on this year.


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You Can Still Enter to Win an iPad Air

AAA ipad photoHigher’s Online Learning Institute Spring Contest

Our spring contest ends at the end of the work day on Friday, May 8th.

Employment Service Providers enrolled in Higher’s Online Learning Institute have two more days to enter to win.

Just hearing about this contest? Need to enroll in Higher’s Online Learning Institute? Click here to sign up for your free username and password.

Contest rules can be found here. Please contact us with any questions at

Stay tuned to learn who won a sleek, new iPad Air!



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