An eLearning Resource: Interview Behavior Videos

Ever wanted to be able to show clients what a bad interview looks like? Well you are in luck, check out Higher’s Online Learning Institute. You can access the complete module right now with your username and password.  If you aren’t already taking advantage of our 13 eLearning courses, sign up here for instant access to these videos and the other eLearning courses.

Here are 4 things to know about this exciting new resource:

  1. There are two short videos with examples of good and bad interview behaviors.
  2. You can also get transcripts and suggestions for using the module with clients in the companion resource section.
  3. More than 20 resettlement programs across the country are using our eLearning courses in their job readiness activities.
  4.  The job seekers in the videos are refugees. Thanks to them and to African Community Center (ACC), Denver, CO for helping out.

Here’s a sneak peek at Interview Behavior Videos. 

Email Higher at to let us know what you think, how you’re using our latest eLearning resource and what else would be helpful.

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Interview Preparation Infographic

A big part of job readiness activities includes providing clients with the skills they need to successfully interview for employment. We’ve covered this topic before (10 Interview Preparation Best Practices), but when we saw the infographic below, it just seemed too good to keep to ourselves.

To summarize, there are 5 things that you can help clients do to prepare for interviews:

  1. Get Organized – help clients plan routes and be sure they know to arrive 15 minutes early.
  2. Make a Good First Impression – be sure clients dress appropriately and smile.
  3. Demonstrate Energy and Enthusiasm – this includes making eye contact and having confidence.
  4. Research – both the company and the role.
  5. Demonstrate Attitude and Aptitude – help clients practice those infamous behavioral interview questions (check out Interview Behavior Videos to see more on this topic).

For more details and some fun facts, check out the infographic below.

Interview Preparation Infographic

Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

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Your Top 10 Interview Prep Best Practices

10 Interview Preparation Best Practices10 Interview Preparation Best Practices is a visual collection of your tips, tricks, and best practices for providing clients with the skills they need to successfully interview for employment.

This is the second of five resource sheets from speed dating”, where 120 refugee employment service providers at our Second Annual Refugee Employment  split into small groups and spent 10 minutes discussing each of five topics.

Be sure to download the complete set of notes here. There’s so much great information it was hard to know where to start!

Looking for more interview preparation resources? Through Higher’s Online Learning Institute, we offer several free eLearning modules that you and your clients can access. Consider showing one in job readiness class or one-on-one with clients. Interview Behavior Videos or How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions are great resources to check out.

We have several other resources in the works, so be sure to check back often. As always, please let us know your ideas for other resources to make your jobs easier.

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Behavioral Interview Questions: Examples from Target Interviews

targetTarget jobs are hard to get.  Their rigorous interview process is one reason.  Click here for 12 actual behavioral interview questions asked in Target job interviews.

Higher’s free eLearning course How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions has proven effective in helping clients understand these common questions and learn how to craft their own answers.

Want to help your clients ace behavioral interview questions and be better prepared to interview successfully?  Here are three ways:

Our flyer will look great in your lobby!

Our flyer will look great in your lobby!

1.  Offer flyers in your office with easy, free client access to all of Higher elearning courses for refugees.  We’ll send you the flyers with an easy 3 step process clients can navigate on their own.  Email and we’ll do the rest!

2.  Assign the training to clients as part of group job interview preparation.  This is especially helpful when you know the employer will ask a behavioral interview question.  You can ask volunteers to help or make course completion a prerequisite for preparation sessions.

3.  Check out our Intro to eLearning course to see how others are using our courses in their workClick here to go right to that course.  It’ll only take you 10 minutes.

You can still get your own free username and password for Higher’s Online Learning Institute that houses 9 eLearning courses and companion resources.  Click here to sign up.

What?  Limited internet access?  Addresssing barriers is our expertise, right?  Higher can send you a thumb drive or CD-Rom with all of the courses available off-line.  Ask us how.


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Fresh Research on Job Readiness

interview researchA recent study compares job search effectiveness in recent grads and more experienced job seekers. The differences between them were attributed primarily to soft skills learned in the workplace on the part of the higher skilled job seekers.

It’s interesting research. Click here to read for yourselves and see a summary infographic.

The bottom line for refugees? Most of our clients will rely on us to include best practices in our job readiness activities. The research shows that we’re well positioned to play this role and haven’t missed important trends.

Here are the relevant take-aways for refugee job seekers and employment service providers

1.  People with current job search experience (like us) are the best resource for job seekers.

When cutting edge job search strategies are technology-driven (like social media and apps to manage the process), traditional resources aren’t able to keep up. Traditional resources like websites and print resources don’t keep pace. The best way to learn about cutting-edge trends is to ask others fresh from a job search. (This means us, since we conduct job searches on a daily basis, right?)

2.  We’re all over three of the top five highest impact categories for improvement.

Networking skills, social media presence and effective responses to interview questions are in the top 5 categories that can deliver the highest impact on job search success. These topics are both cited by employers as important and got low scores from all job seekers surveyed. We all know these are important and provide clients information about them, when appropriate.

3.  Behavioral interview questions are hard for everyone.

Answering behavioral interview questions is the number one skill missing among all job seekers related to job interview skills. Higher has an eLearning course for that targeting refugee and immigrant job seekers. Check out this free resource on our website if you don’t’ already have your own username and password.

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How Employers Prepare for Job Interviews

STAR snipClick here to read advice from Harvard to employers preparing to conduct job interviews. You’ll recognize several topics you cover in client interview preparations.

Understanding the employer perspective on interview questions, structure and panel interviews is especially helpful.

For example, the article recommends that employers ask behavioral interview questions to help gauge how candidates will actually do the job.

We have an elearning training course for that!

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions helps clients understand exactly how to answer them using the STAR Method. Here’s a past blog post with more details. Or, visit our homepage, get your own free username/password and check out Higher’s Online Learning Institute for yourself. Almost 1,200 of your peers are already using our courses.  Join them!



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Forbes and Higher Recommend the STAR Method

STAR snip

The blue stars throughout this training are clickable to access a glossary that defines terms in clear, simple English.

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions

If you read it on the internet, it must be true, right?  Well, no, but it still feels validating to read in about the effectiveness of the STAR Method, featured in Higher’s newest eLearning training.

Higher’s How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions training will make it easier for you to serve highly skilled clients, help them ace job interviews and sell themselves in the U.S. job market.

Read why Forbes agrees with Higher about this great technique for all job seekers.   (Click here)

Log in here to check out this great course.

Don’t have a free username and password for yourself or your clients?  Click here to fix that right now and assign this free eLearning training to your clients.



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NEW at Higher’s Online Learning Institute

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions at Higher's Online Learning Institute

Learn to use this simple technique featured in Higher’s new traning course.

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions eLearning Training Now Available!

“Tell me about a time when you did not meet an important deadline.  What happened and what was the result for your company’s bottom line?”

Oof.  This is a hard question for any job seeker to answer.

Now there’s new help from Higher!  Check out our latest eLearning course to  help clients craft stories from their own past experience to answer this increasingly common type of interview question.

Click here to go to Higher’s Online Learning Institute login screen and discover how it can help you up your job placement rates today.


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