Spurs Diversity Boosts Problem-solving, Teamwork and Stats

Spurs Photo

Image from Basket4us.com

The San Antonio Spurs led the NBA in victories this season.

They also have eight countries and a U.S. Territory represented on their roster.  Diversity and its positive effects on problem solving and team-building explains why they posted the best record without a player ranking among the top 10 in points, rebounds or assists, or finishing among the top 10 in MVP voting.

An article from ESPN online provides great examples of how diversity triggers more careful information processing.  The mere presence of diversity in a group creates awkwardness and the need to diffuse this tension leads to better group problem solving.

“For the Spurs, diversity isn’t a problem, it’s the solution.  If no one is in his comfort zone, they’re forced to find one collectively.”  JJ Adande, ESPN.com

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