Small Business Skill Gap

gapImmigrant entrepreneurs and the contributions they make to revitalizing cities is in the news now.  Small businesses create jobs and are often cited as the backbone of the U.S. economy.

This doesn’t always translate into job opportunities or job development wins, though. It’s easier to get excited about scoring a group placement with an employer who’s likely to hire even more clients down the road.

We can’t afford to overlook this source of job opportunities – especially when they come with strong community connections that can have added benefit for our clients.

Click here to read an article from The Guardian about the skill gap facing small businesses, 80% of which say they can’t find qualified employees to fill current openings.  The article highlights some innovative – and successful – approaches small employers are using to hire, train and retain employees.

You’ll be able to see ways our clients and support services to employers can be strong selling points in your sales pitch targeting small businesses as new employment partners.


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