Share What Works for You with Your Peers

dollar signEveryone’s busy. Fresh, proven strategies make it easier to find jobs during the surge in arrivals. Learning from each other helps us feel connected and get new ideas that work.

Consider making time to share your ideas, resources and success stories with your peers across the country on Higher’s blog.

Here are three ways you’ll benefit from contributing:

•Build your portfolio with a published post with your own byline.
•Boost social media recognition of you and your agency’s success.
•Receive a modest honorarium in appreciation for all the work you do to support refugee success.

Follow these 3 easy steps to explore how to add your good ideas to the national conversation:
  1. Check out Higher’s Guest Post Guidelines, including examples for three types of posts.
  2. See other guest post examples from Christina Caspsersen McPherson, Daniel Wilkinson and Bonni Cutler.
  3. Email Higher to confirm topics and discuss deadlines and details.

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