Scholarships for Refugees: University of the People

With restrictive schedules and finances, one way for refugees to pursue post-secondary education is through online programs. One example is the University of the People, a non-profit, tuition-free, online accredited university, which allows students to learn on their own time through a variety of courses leading towards two- or four-year degrees in business administration, computer science, or health science.

Regardless of the program choice, the cost is a $100 assessment fee at the end of each course, with scholarships available. Scholarships are available for refugees: the Emergency Refugee Scholarship, the Small Giants Refugees fund, and the Myanmar Scholarship fund. Those interested can apply after completion of the student application and admission.

Questions regarding scholarships can be emailed to

Read more about University of the People in this recent VOA article.

For other online programs available to refugees, see Higher’s previous post on Coursera.

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  1. Katie Jipson says:

    The following comment from Chris Hogg at :
    Just yesterday I became aware of UoPeople for the first time, and today it is featured here on Higher – what an interesting coincidence.

    I know nothing about this school, but as a career advisor and employment counselor I know it is vitally important to carefully examine and consider the potential return on investment (ROI) of an educational program in terms of time, energy, and money spent before enrolling … in any school.

    Related to careers and jobs, one of the most important questions facing a prospective student, is will potential employers see value in and be accepting of a degree from their school? This question of employer acceptance must be answered, whether that school is nationally known, a public not-for-profit state school, a for-profit school, or UoPeople.

    Following are some web sites that one might look at when considering this particular educational opportunity:

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