Save the Date for an Imprint Webinar

imprintThis webinar offered by Imprint could have been designed especially for us.  I’ve wanted to learn more about the Canadian model for immigrant integration and employment.  There are bound to be lessons and ideas we can integrate into our own work.

In addition, the topic of the webinar – “Employer-Led Councils” – mirrors a trend Higher is seeing across the country.  Collaboration among refugee employment programs around job development that engage – and many times are initiated by – local government or employers.  We just highlighted a great example from World Relief in Seattle, WA and will be highlighting others in the coming year.

SO, save the date (February 20, 2014) and watch Higher’s blog for more information as registration opens in a few weeks.  It would be great to have a few of us involved in the webinar so we could share ideas about how to follow-up.

Stay tuned.

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