Resumes and Cover Letters – Infographic

One of our most requested resources is for resources to assist with creating resumes for clients. We’ve searched far and wide for resources to share, and here’s what we’ve come up with so far.

Although the below infographic uses the term CV  (curriculum vitae), the preferred European term, the advice applies to the U.S. term resume, as well.  Here are a few more tips that you might find helpful. Be sure to check out the original articles too – we pulled out the most relevant tips for working with our clients, but the articles are full of valuable content.

Youth Mainstream Resource for Resumes and Cover Letters

Choose verbs that mean something. “Assisted,” “Worked on,” “Contributed to” and so on don’t convey much to a prospective employer. Instead, say what you did: “Wrote,” “Designed,” or “Managed.” The more specific, the better, according to this Harvard Business Review Article

Share accomplishments, not responsibilities. This Harvard Business Review Article also includes a helpful “Do” and “Don’t” list, as well as links to sample resumes.

Resources for Cover Letters: This Harvard Business Review Article includes a helpful “Do” and “Don’t” list.

The 11 Most Common CV Writing Questions Answered Infographic
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