Resumes: An Important Tool of Our Trade

resume iStock_000017878752SmallIn our work with refugee employment clients, a resume is more than a document to submit in a job application.

  • Collecting information to build a resume is a basic tool for assessing client skills and experience.
  • Talking about a resume offers a framework for building client confidence and ability to understand and explain what they can offer employers.
  • Maintaining an effective resume is a basic transferable skill all job seekers need to master throughout their work life in the US.

Even if the client isn’t able to read their resume in English, they must be able to represent their skills in an interview and be consistent with how they portray those skills on paper.  For more highly skilled clients, crafting a US-standard resume can help convey the transferability of their unique experience in this job market.  The process can also help them develop more realistic expectations about their first job.

This article provides great how-to information about writing a resume profile.   In public speaking, the standard advice is to first “tell them what you’ll tell them”.  A resume speaks for you and a profile is the way to control the conversation.  For our clients especially, a strong profile is important to highlight the relevance and value of their unique experience in the US job market.

Since this isn’t my favorite topic, I would really appreciate some assistance.  Send in your tips and experience around resumes and I’ll add them to what I pull together about this critical part of our work.  Please, help me.


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