Religious Observance and Employment: Ramadan

ramadan mubarakRamadan started on June 17.  For the next month, your Muslim clients and colleagues will be fasting during the day until July 17.  You can read more about this holy month in this article from The Guardian.

Also, consider how this religious observation could impact employment stakeholders:

Your Colleagues

If any of your colleagues are fasting, they might be a little cranky as they get used to a new schedule. You might feel uncomfortable eating and drinking in front of them. My Muslim friends and colleagues always tell me not to worry about that. You can certainly ask your colleagues about it – or anything else you’re curious about.

Your Clients

Talk to them about the need to continue following their employer’s policies about attendance, giving advance notice and requesting days off. Ask them what special issues they anticipate around Ramadan in their workplace and respond accordingly.


Consider sending them an email explaining Ramadan and what it might mean for some of their employees. It’s a great excuse to get in touch and they will appreciate receiving another free service from you. If you work with employers of large numbers of Muslim clients, consider offering local opportunities to learn more. Many mosques host iftar (fast-breaking daily evening meals) dinners that are sometimes open to guests.

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  1. It is very sweet and professional of Higher to think about sharing this article. I would suggest to contact some mosques and ask about their open house dates. The employers, professionals, case managers, and community members in general can find a friendly atmosphere and have all their questions answered.
    Also, asking questions to the costumers makes them feel special and appreciated.

    Hind Chahed

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