Refugees and Colleagues in the News

Snow Pic

Photo Credit: Laura Yuen

Read a collection of recent news highlighting the diversity of our client populations, the barriers we help them overcome and the ways they lead those efforts themselves.

  • Unfounded fear of Ebola results in a lost home health care job for one long term African immigrant.  Click here.
  • International Institute of Minnesota colleagues teach Burmese Karen about snow in their cultural orientation class.  Click here.
  • Two Afghan SIV’s complete long journey to the US with advocacy from their US military colleagues.  Click here.
  • Bhutanese Nepali resettlement colleague with Lutheran Social Services Portland advocates for refugee mental health needs.  Click here. 

I’m bored with Friday Features and out of ideas for books, movies, music or other refugee-related entertainment to highlight.  Going forward, Friday Features will be occasional when the opportunity presents itself.  Any suggestions or ideas for other types of Friday posts?  Let me know. 


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