Refugee Employment in the News

Photo credit: Pima County Public Library

I couldn’t resist keeping up with blog content over the holidays. In case you aren’t such a huge refugee employment geek, here are three stories you may have missed about refugees living and working in Tuscon, the Bronx and Lancaster, PA.

Career Ladders and Benefits of Refugee Experience in Tuscon

My experience as a refugee helped me learn how to look for all of the resources and services available here in Tucson…I provided them with information they needed until they got a job. Because I knew what it was like to start your life from zero. Bushra Faesel

Gyan Gurung Office in Times Square Suzanne DeChillonytimes

Photo Credit: Suzanne DeChillo, NYTimes

Commuting to an Office Job in Times Square

A photo essay about “the largest Bhutanese enclave” in the Bronx and Gayat Gurung’s commute to Times Square.

Starter Job in Lancaster, PA

Farhan Al Qadri, who recently arrived from Syria with most of his family, already has a $10.50/hr starter job in an egg processing plant and dreams of buying a house.

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