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After Higher blogged about the USCRI North Carolina’s job upgrade program last week, it received the following question from one of our dedicated blog subscribers:

I just read the most recent blog regarding job upgrades and certifications, and I’m wondering who has come up with the funds to put the clients through the commercial driving course at the office referenced in the article? Here in Fort Worth, we have many clients who have the goal of becoming truck drivers, but courses are estimated at $8,000 we have found. Any tips on how to overcome the financial hurdle would be much appreciated.

Do you have a job upgrade program that covers the cost of vocational courses or a creative partnership to cut down on course costs? Higher will be responding to the inquiry from Texas but, would like to add advice coming from the network. Please send your tips or information about how your program accesses these courses to

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  1. Alissa Shoemaker says:

    It might be completely different in Missouri, but over here, we have a several truck companies that will train people with a small (or no) upfront cost. The only catch is the students, once graduated, do have to drive for that company for a certain amount of time or miles (varies from 1-3 years if I remember correctly). They have a percentage taken out of each paycheck until driving school has been paid off. However, I think this total cost was usually somewhere between $2,500 and $5,000. If they want to stop working for the company before then, they owe the total cost in full. One or two of the companies are local, but some required training to be done in another state even though the driving would be done in or around Missouri. I’m at a small agency and have only had one client interested in doing this, but it was a great fit for him.

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