Reader Question: How Do You Use iDevices?

Kelly Rice at

Kelly has a B.S in Finance from Virginia Tech; worked at Wells Fargo for 8 years and joined the IC as Employment Program Manager in May 2013

How do you use an iPad or tablet in your work?

Kelly Rice, Employment Program Manager with the International Center of Kentucky just got an iPad and wants to hear about useful tools and apps others are using on their handheld devi, especially related to job development.

Please comment on this post to share your great ideas with Kelly and the network.

Here are 3 examples Higher has already heard from employers and colleagues to start the discussion.

  1. An employer uses iBurmese ($2.99 app) for basic communication and connection with her employees.  It’s also helped her line supervisors become more comfortable communicating despite the language gap.
  2. A couple of job developers use Siri, the voice of iPhone, to record quick notes when they’re driving around canvassing employers.  Others snap pics of business cards so they don’t get lost.
  3. Kelly already uses google docs so she can access her employer database in real time.
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