Reader Question: Anyone Have a Refugee Employment Facebook Page?

question markStephen Johnson, Higher Peer Advisor and Early Employment Specialist at IRIS in New Haven CT is looking for examples of programs who are running their own employment services facebook page (separate from their agencies’ organizational presence).

IRIS is considering the idea as a platform for employers, advocates and higher skilled job seekers to directly exchange job leads and other job search information.

If your employment program has tried something similar, get in touch with Stephen directly or email and we’ll share your advice in a future blog post.

stephen johnsonStephen Johnson is a previous Employment Specialist with World Relief Seattle. He has a BA from Baylor University’s School of Social Work and a master’s degree in International Development from Eastern University. He specializes in community organizing and interagency collaborative efforts.



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  1. Lorel Donaghey says:

    From Shannon Branson Olsen, Senior Employment Specialist, IRC Wichita, KS

    I started using Facebook to communicate job information to refugees last year. As our numbers of arrivals and also employer partnerships continue to grow each year since our local office opened in 2011, I needed a more efficient way to communicate information to refugees about job openings-in particular job upgrades as they gain more U.S. work experience. Once a refugee obtains their first job after they arrive in the country, it can be difficult to stay in touch to let them know about training opportunities, job openings, etc…

    I created a closed group on Facebook that ensures members have to be approved by me or another staff member that has the appropriate permissions. The group is not open to people other than our clients, staff, and some employers who have personally requested to join.

    We regularly post job openings that come directly as a result of employer outreach, upcoming job fairs, free training opportunities. We have received feedback from refugees saying they appreciate the information and that it has been helpful for them to stay in touch and feel connected to the office. It is important to note that this is not our IRC Wichita office Facebook page but rather is a closed group with specific goal of sharing job leads.

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