Reader Question: Any Fresh Advice about Organizing an Employer Forum?

Kelly Rice

“Kelly has a B.S in Finance from Virginia Tech; worked at Wells Fargo for 8 years and joined the IC as Employment Program Manager in May 2013

Organizing an employer meeting is a very common idea with many possible variations.  This type of event can be intimidating, labor intensive and can strengthen your employer connections.

The most successful and increasingly common approach now is collaborative and, if possible, includes leadership from employers and/or government partners to lend contacts and credibility.

Kelly Rice, Employment Program Manager with the International Center of Bowling Green, KY is looking for fresh ideas and experience from the field as she begins to plan her next employer outreach event.

There was a similar event in Bowling Green a couple of years ago.  That success inspired the Refugee Employment Coalition and a Fall 2013 employer forum in Kent, WA.  The energy and anticipation generated from the Bowling Green event two years ago has subsided and a lot has changed.  Kelly is drawing on contacts and lessons learned from that event, which is great.  She wants to offer something new and different to bring in new employers and keep experienced ones interested and motivated.

Kelly’s hoping for specifics about logistics and organizing details, as well as innovative topics, speakers or resources to include at her event.

Reply in a comment to this post if you have experience and advice to share about organizing an Employer Forum.


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