Proof that First Jobs Lead to Career Success

my first jobWhat if your clients could hear Omar Epps, Jimmy Fallon and other famous and very successful people talk about the marketable skills their first jobs taught them?

Accepting the first available job is the foundation of client success (and ours, too).  “Starter” or transitional jobs are very seldom dream jobs.  Helping clients adjust their expectations can be challenging.  Linking their first job to a longer term career path is an important strategy that can help.  It’s not an easy sell, though.

Check out a series of First Job Videos provided by the White House as part of their youth jobs initiative.  Videos featuring Fred Wong (Waiter), Cris Comerford (Salad bar girl), Jimmy Fallon (gum scraper) and Omar Epps (pizza delivery guy) are especially relevant.

My favorite is from Ceclia Munoz (below) who talks about the marketable skills she learned in her first job at McDonalds in 27 seconds.



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