Practical Strategy for Working with Clients

Vladimir BessonovVladimir Bessonov with Partners in Careers, Vancouver, WA uses a flexible and effective strategy to help clients learn vocabulary and important work readiness concepts.

He starts with a list of 50 words describing attitudes and characteristics valued by employers.

Vladimir used the example of AMBITION and explained that, due to cultural and historical factors in his country (Russia), to be ambitious is often considered risky and undesirable.  Talking with clients from that culture about how it is seen in the US can create space to talk about career paths and begin to help clients develop long term career plans if they’ve never had a chance to think about that before.

You could also choose a few characteristics – like TIMELY, HELPFUL and HARD WORKING – to help clients describe why they would be the best candidate for the job – a common inteview question.

Vladimir says he also assigns clients with higher levels of English the task of finding definitions for each of the words on the list.  Follow-up on homework assignments is often a great way to evaluate client commitment to their own job search success.

You can download Vladimir’s vocabulary list to use with your clients here.  Spassiba bolshoi, Vladimir.

(Look for a series of posts over the next couple of weeks sharing highlights and key takeaways from Higher’s March 3-4 Employment Workshop in Seattle, Washington.)

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