Plan Ahead for Summer/Fall Academic Enrollment

conference-registration-sign-croppedNow is the time to find out about orientation and enrollment schedules for summer and fall academic enrollment.  

ESL classes, short term skill training, prerequisites for higher education or recertification are among the client resources you can likely access through your local community college or other higher learning institutions.

With enough lead time, you can spread the word among clients more easily in already-scheduled meetings and classes.  Plenty of advance notice can also allow clients time to collect their documents, achieve pre-requisites like language assessments and arrange their schedules.   

This is especially important for working clients so they have time to follow their employer procedures about requesting time off for orientations or making a more permanent schedule change to allow them to attend a class while working. 

Job Development Tip:  Share information about available ESL classes and enrollment dates with employers.  They will appreciate being able to provide it to all of their employees.  And, it might help to introduce the idea so clients can more easily request adjustments to their work schedules around registration and class attendance. 


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