Time Key Tasks to Increase Performance

right answerWe’re so busy with important work we know makes a difference.  Click here to read useful insight into the time of day that gets the best results for common tasks like brainstorming solutions, interviewing for jobs, getting responses to email requests and more.

The article doesn’t focus on clients or case management, but it is definitely applicable.  Here are two examples:

1.  Tough Decisions are best made first thing in the morning or after lunch, not on an empty stomach. This means that clients may be better able to internalize conversations about sanctioning policy compliance or adjusting expectations in the same time frames. Schedule accordingly.

2.  Interview scoring is inconsistent  – and lower – toward the end of the day. When you can control the timing, clients will have a better shot at getting a job offer in the first interview slots of the day. “Narrow bracketing”, the subconscious phenomenon that causes this effect is likely new information for most of you, too.


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