Peer Conclusions from the White House

We’ll all continue to build on the energy and resources coming out of the White House National Skills and Credential Institute on June 29.  Read how four refugee and immigrant integration leaders who attended plan to build on their number one takeaway from the event.

If you missed Higher’s previous blog posts about the Institute, click these links to learn about strong refugee resettlement representation, three immediate opportunities and four best practices for serving highly skilled new arrivals while helping them find a starter job.

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Santa Clara County delegation

“The Santa Clara County Refugee & Immigrant Forum works to improve collaborations with public, private, and nonprofit service providers, to ensure that refugees and immigrants maximize the use of their skills, achieve their professional career goals, and become productive members of society.  Our next step is to present recommendations, obtain feedback from the forum, and engage community partners and clients”

Ellie Derakhshesh-Clelland
Sr. Director of Social Services
Pars Equality Center


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Session on Occupational Licensing

“My number one takeaway from the White House National Skills & Credential Institute is that there are a lot of states/organizations doing some great work in the area of skilled immigrant workforce development.  I’d like to learn more about their programs/initiatives as our time to hear from the other states was limited.  So, I plan to reach out to them to try to foster continuing conversations about the topic.  I’m hoping to learn some other program best practices.”

Karen Phillippi
Deputy Director
stl delegation

St. Louis delegation (Not pictured: Blake Hamilton, International Institute, St. Louis)

“There is already considerable depth of knowledge and experience regarding immigrant brain waste, as well as a number of programs which are doing excellent work to alleviate it.  We want to make more connections outside our region to learn from the work of others and then modify to meet the needs of our local immigrants who would benefit from career path services.”

Anna E. Crosslin
President & CEO
Eisenhower Executive Office Building

Session on Career Pathways

“I think my biggest take away was that we all (JFS and the rest of the consortium) need to be doing even more to engage employers. I don’t think that most of us have the know how at this point. We are all such client facing organizations – and employers are an entirely different language that we need to learn to speak.”  
Rebecca Craig
Community Engagement Coordinator
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