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Parttime Jobs with Benefits at

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Parttime jobs can be great ways to help clients gain US work experience, confidence and stronger transferable job skills.  They can provide a second source of income and keep clients from becoming discouraged by long, frustrating job searches.

They can sometimes lead to full time positions for stellar performers or create the first step some clients need to be competitive for a full time entry level position.  Click here to read the story of one successful parttime work strategy.

Click on two articles here and here to read more about six employers that offer benefits for parttime work, including Whole Foods, UPS and Starbucks.

We all know the reasons why parttime jobs are not ideal. We’re measured on placements, retention and availability of benefits and parttime jobs often don’t fit any of those criteria. It’s hard to make two part time job schedules fit together. For various reasons, we usually end up having to help clients find another – full time – job, anyway.

Our work is never one-size-fits-all and keeping all of the options open – including parttime jobs – is the best strategy.





Starbucks, Whole Foods, UPS, Lands End and REI

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