Office of Special Counsel: Help for Employers, Clients and You

everifyDid you know that newly hired clients who have not yet gotten a social security number can still be entered into payroll systems using 000-00-0000 until they receive their numbers?

Neither did I until I heard an Office of Special Counsel (OSC) presentation last week.

Despite previous attendance at OSC webinars and years of helping clients and employers get past documentation issues, I still recall the pain of losing several great job opportunities because employment partners didn’t know how to process new hire paperwork without a valid social security number. Grrr.

Here are three things you can do to be sure you don’t lose some of the job opportunities you work so hard to secure because you don’t know how to help employers and clents navigate eVerify and I-9 documentation.

1.  Attend a free OSC webinar for workers, employers and service providers.  Here’s a link to a current list of OSC webinars .

2.  Check out a previous Higher blog post with more OSC information and resource links.

3.  Consider arranging to view a webinar at your office and invite employers to join you.  They’ll thank you and you’ll deepen your employer connections at the same time.


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