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Hispanic woman at computer thumbnailDid you know that more than 25% of the skilled immigrant professionals who benefit from Upwardly Global (UpGlo) programs are refugees or asylees?  If you don’t already know about this great resource for our highly skilled clients, explore UpGlo’s website today.

UpGlo is launching an exciting new Online Employment Training Program that can help more of our clients with professional degrees and work experience find job upgrades with higher paying employment in their field’s of expertise.

Tell your clients.  Spread the word.  Think about how to reach clients beyond their initial period of service who might be the best candidates to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Training Program Details

The training program is a guided series of self-paced, online workshops that help skilled immigrants acquire the techniques and cultural savvy needed to market themselves as a competitive candidate for U.S. jobs, and ultimately to return to their career fields in the U.S.  The program description includes a clear list of services, eligibility requiremens and an online application form.

After applying, an UpGlo staff member will call the client directly within three to five business days.  This initial call includes a discussion of their experience and qualifications in English, as part of the screening process.

Why UpGlo is an Important Partner for Our Network

Across our refugee employment network, we continue to talk about better ways to help highly skilled clients achieve their dreams to work in their field AND begin to work in a survival or starter job so they can meet their basic needs through rapid employment.

Often, by the time clients are ready for a job upgrade , they are  no longer in touch with refugee employment programs and seldom come back to request those services.  Due to the constraints of resources and case loads, it’s often difficult to provide the required support when they do come back to request it.

The nature of our work requires us to be generalists, offering solid basic support for all clients.  UpGlo’s focus on the highly-skilled segment of our client base allows them to develop the deeper expertise often required to help these clients successfully reenter their chosen career fields.





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