New: Syrian Backgrounder from COR

COR snipA background paper about Syria and the population we’ll likely begin to resettle in increasing numbers in the next couple of years was released yesterday by the Cultural Orientation Resource (COR) Center.

Click here to go to the COR website where you can download your copy.  COR offers an amazing collection of information about refugee populations, cultural orientation, curriculums, videos and so much more.  It’s a fundamental resource for our work.

There are currently approximately 6,000 Syians in the pipeline for resettlement.  We might resettle as many as 1,000 this year if all goes smoothly.  We also learned alot about the complexities of pre-arrival processing and why that might happen more slowly.

We learned this and so much more in a briefing and Q&A with Sanja Bebic, Director of Immigrant and Refugee Integration with CAL and Marina Andina, Overseas Processing Section Chief with PRM. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing highlights of what we learned together at Higher’s 2 Day Refugee Employment Workshop held at our LIRS headquarters offices on November 10-11, 2014.




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