New Resource for Supervisors

what about us infoLearning from 120 peers was one of the highlights of our Second Annual Refugee Employment Workshop. We have been working hard to turn everything we learned into resources you can use.

Download the first of five resource sheets from “speed dating”, where all attendees split into small groups and spent 10 minutes discussing each of five topics.

What About Us captures your solutions for time management, professional development and staff supervision.

We hope that both new and seasoned managers can find something useful in this resource. We were surprised to see that staff actually want more meetings!

Another item that showed up several times in the notes was the desire for professional development. We can help with this. Through Higher’s Online Learning Institute, we offer several free eLearning modules that you can offer to your staff as professional development opportunities.  Consider discussing them in a staff meeting after your team has completed a course.  Employability Assessment or Case Notes are great ones to start.

We have several other resources in the works, so be sure to check back often.  As always, please let us know your ideas for other resources to make your jobs easier.


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