Make your Business Card Work Harder for You

Ever throw away a business card you obviously saved for some reason but couldn’t remember why?Business Card Blurb

As a Job Developer, I left a card everywhere I went, but was afraid  people wouldn’t remember us when they had a job opening.  Here’s an easy, quick and cost-effective solution.

Add a brief pitch to the back of your business cards.  You can do it the next time you reprint – or add on now with a sticker you can make yourself.  You won’t have to spend any extra money to get extra results from your job development efforts.

A few prospects I met with actually got in touch later on because of the blurb on my card, which you can see in the picture.  You’re welcome to copy it.  Or, write your own.  Use business language.  Focus on what’s in it for them.  Leave plenty of white space.



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