Look Ahead to 5 Spring and Summer Job Opportunities

croak-usThrowback Thursday:  a classic Higher blog post that covers the fundamentals of our work.

Whether or not you can feel Spring in the air, it’s time to start preparing for these 5 seasonal opportunities.  Employers are already planning and hiring.  Be ready to deliver qualified candidates.

1.  Planting and gardening:  Urban farms, nurseries and landscaping employers are already preparing for the busy planting season.  Freshen up your employer relationships in these industries.  Think about ways to build client skills so they’re competitive.

2.  Hospitality:  Spring and summer are often peak travel times.  That means fully booked hotels, wedding venues and catering companies.  Reach out to strong employer partners so they know you’re already working to prepare qualified candidates for their hiring pipelines.

3.  Student Job Turnover:  Whether it’s gearing up for spring break or thinking ahead to the end of the semester, school schedules create lots of opportunities, especially for part time jobs.  If you live in a college town, don’t forget about private dorms, fraternity houses and student unions.

4.  Anticipating Fun in the Sun:  Summer youth employment programs.  Pool maintenance.  Life guard teams.  Camp counselors.  Employers and vacationers start dreaming -and planning – well in advance of summer fun.  Jobs and special summer work programs are taking applications now, too.

5.  Construction and home repair:  Repairing snow damage, getting around to home improvement projects or preparing the deck or pool so it’s all ready for summer.  There will be new space to talk to all kinds of employers looking for skilled and manual labor in the building trades.

Have other ideas or success stories to share about your spring and summer employment strategies?  Share them by commenting on this post or sending them to information@higheradvantage.org.


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