LinkedIn: Peer Advice and Practical Steps

Linked in now whatLinkedIn becomes more important for job seekers every day.  Not on LinkedIn, yet? Not a Job Developer? Not sure social media’s more than the latest fad?

You’ll be convinced by success stories and advice from your peers, practical resources and tips to help you get started quickly.

How Your Peers Use LinkedIn

Here’s what Bonni Cutler, Catholic Charities San Diego and David Roth, Lutheran Services Carolinas said when asked to share their successful strategies:

Bonni:  I always have the name of a contact person at any company that I am going after. Recently a new bus route opened up new employment opportunities and I need contacts immediately.  Within 48 hours, I used LinkedIn to locate HR contacts to find out what the hiring needs were of the major employers in the area. I even had an email conversation with the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Sony.

Currently I am using LinkedIn to find the names of retail managers at the big box stores and low end retail outlets so my job developer can form relationships that befit our clients.


David:  I post relevant articles so that my name, agency and refugees stay fresh in people’s minds and encourages informed, welcoming communities.

I could never get in touch with a temp agency contact.  After meeting her at a networking event, we connected on LinkedIn.  When she got a new job as a Waffle House recruiter, she got in touch.  I’m still working the lead, but I’ve already learned about their manager trainee program and promoted a specific candidate for a job opening.  Without LinkedIn, I’d never have made the connections.

 How to Track Down the Contacts You Need Via LinkedIn

Bonni put together a quick step-by-step guide to use her strategy for finding the right employer contact.  Thanks again, Bonni.  You can download it here.  It’s a Higher exclusive!  Cool!

More Ideas to Make the Most of LinkedIn (or Get Started)

1.  Click here for an infographic with more ways to use LinkedIn.

2.  Go to LinkedIn and create a profile.  Have your resume and a high quality photograph ready.

3.  Connect with Higher and Lorel Donaghey to find other Employment Pros, networking groups and employers to build your networks quickly.


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