LGBT Awareness Month


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Throwback Thursday: a classic Higher blog post about a fundamental of our work.

June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) Awareness Month. Here are 4 links to learn more about some of the unique additional barriers facing these clients, how the U.S. leads LGBT asylum access and some of the ways you can help.

We are all passionate about our work to help refugees – among the most vulnerable people in our world. In many countries, LGBT clients face added threats to their safety causing many to flee to seek asylum in the US.  Some of us overcome our own stereotypes or cultural traditions to serve LGBT clients with the same passion and commitment we bring to all our work.

The Center for American Progress website features a great article about the legal history and current state of the U.S. asylum system’s role in protecting Global LGBT rights.  It’s one more reason why we should feel proud of our role in refugee resettlement.  Through this link, you can also access the video included in this post, featuring an LGBT asylum seeker talking about what it’s like to be an LGBT asylum seeker in the U.S.

LGBT awareness, legal rights protection and acceptance is stronger than ever before in the US as was demonstrated in last week’s Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Hopefully, that creates more community resources and referrals your agency can offer to augment your own services for this population. Click here for a previous Higher blog post that links to helpful resources from ORR-funded Heartland Alliance.

Two recent articles about LGBT asylum seekers in the Middle East and Africa illustrate how continued discrimination affects client lives, safety and the success of their asylum cases.



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